When is workplace ageism starting exactly?

Workplace ageism isn't new. With the number of older professionals in today's workforce on the rise and more professionals stating that they want to work well past the traditional retirement age, ageism and age discrimination in the workplace are also on the rise — and it's starting even earlier than you would think.

Ageism in the workplace

According to a recent survey of 1,000 professionals over the age of 40 conducted by Fairygodboss, 37 percent of those who reported experiencing ageism said they were younger than 45 the first time it happened, while 62 percent reported that their first brush with ageism occurred while working at a mid-level position in their career. 

And what types of ageism are these professionals facing? The most common occurrence of ageism reported was receiving a negative, age-based remark from a co-worker (44 percent), while the belief that they were passed over for a job based on their age came in a close second (43 percent). Being passed over for a promotion based on age came in third (36 percent). Even 19 percent of respondents reported being asked about their age during the job interview! (This is illegal, by the way.)

What can you do? 

While it is easy to just shake your fists at the sky and curse workplace institutions altogether, it won't actually help you or your career. To combat ageism and age discrimination, you need to be armed with the right tips and tricks. These include: 

You deserve to have a happy, fulfilling, and successful career — no matter your age.

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