Sometimes, it's better to leave it to the pros.

Why buy when you can DIY? That's the question project manager, Will Cornell asked himself many times over when he first learned about TopResume's writing services. Not only did Will learn the answer the hard way, but he also almost lost his dream job in the process. Read on to spare yourself the struggle!

As a technical project manager, Will prides himself on his natural curiosity and desire to problem-solve. He often gravitates towards a trial-by-error means of troubleshooting and hours of YouTube tutorials to consulting a trained professional.

 I enjoy getting my hands dirty, whether that means building something from scratch or digging deep into a process or project to get to the root of a problem.

Despite his do-it-yourself ethos, there are few things Will would much rather leave in the hands of the experts: performing surgery, filing taxes, and recently, resume writing.

Lesson 1: DON'T put off the inevitable

“After working for the same company for six years it was time for a change. I wanted something fresh and new, even if it meant moving out of my comfort zone. Six years can feel like a lifetime in the tech industry, and I knew the longer I waited, the harder it would be to leave.”  

Lucky for Will, our writers were there to make his transition back into the job market as painless as possible. His writer, Traci, was able to transform his six-year tenure into a story of professional and personal development. It was important that Will show a thirst for growth in such a rapidly evolving industry.

Lesson 2: DON'T take it personally

So, what made this professional problem-solver let another pro solve his problem?

“Honestly, I was too close to it. It sounds strange, but the process of writing your own resume can be emotional. The job search is a lot like cleaning out a closet — you know not everything can make the cut, but it's hard not to be precious about the things you've accomplished.”

Will is right; when it comes to resume writing, it's not always as simple as asking yourself if a project or achievement “sparks joy.” Sometimes you need to call in a professional to cut through the clutter and leave only the most valuable information behind.

Lesson 3: DO write for the job you want

“Before turning to TopResume, I was hitting a lot of walls. I was lucky if I heard back, but even when I did get a call I would get halfway through a screener before either the recruiter or I would realize it wasn't a good fit. I'm a solid worker with years of experience, I just wasn't writing for the job I really wanted.”

And that's the thing, resumes aren't just a chronological list of what you've done, but what you want to do.

Lesson 4: DO trust an expert

Make no mistake, telling your career story is no easy feat, especially when you can't always find the words:

“Even though I knew what I had accomplished and what I wanted to accomplish in the future, I struggled to put it down on paper. Traci practically read my mind, putting things into words that were stuck in my head.”

Lesson 5: DON'T let fear of rejection hold you back

Will was an instant fan of his new resume, but at this point in his job search it really didn't matter what he thought — was it enough to land him an interview?

 Once I got my new resume back from TopResume I was hesitant to share it right away. I  thought it was great, but what if recruiters didn't bite? What if I was doomed to stay in my current position forever? 

Spoiler alert: Will did not, in fact, receive a life sentence at his job and did continue to apply with his shiny new resume.

Lesson 6: DO know your worth

After Will posted his updated resume to online job boards, he noticed a subtle, yet meaningful, change almost immediately.

“Just one day after I posted my new resume I saw a noticeable shift in the type of positions being sent my way. Not just in the industries and titles, but in the pay too. Until that moment I had surrendered to the idea of taking a salary cut, but was pleasantly surprised this wasn't the case.”  

It's not uncommon for job seekers to undersell themselves in their resume and cover letters, especially when they've been out of practice for a while. Teaming up with a pro like Traci can help set reasonable expectations based on your work experience and properly articulate your worth.

Lesson 7: DON'T give up on your dreams

And now for the plot twist! The position Will accepted, in the end, was at his dream company, which had previously passed on him as a candidate.

“I took a chance and reapplied for a different position with a different resume. I'm glad I did it. Their recruiter contacted me immediately and I'm already a couple of weeks into my first month in the role.”

We'd say the rest is history, but we truly hope Will remembers this next time he's due for a resume update!

Are you stuck in your own resume rut? Let us lend a hand. Contact us today to get a resume rewrite from one of our expert writers.

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