Yes! Not only is it OK to have a two-page resume, but most recruiters and employers consider a two-page resume to be the ideal length.

During a recent study that involved almost 500 hiring professionals and 8,000 resumes, it was discovered that recruiters were 2.3 times as likely to prefer a two-page resume over a one-page resume, whether the candidate had five or 25 years of experience. 

If you weren't sure before whether it is OK to have a two-page resume, you can rest easy knowing that this is exactly the page length recruiters and hiring managers prefer to see.

If you have many years of experience and you're unsure how to cut down your document to a two-page resume, don't worry! Click on the following link for writing tips to help you achieve a two-page resume.

Are you having trouble summarizing your experience into a two-page resume? Our professional resume writers are here to help.

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