Nursing Cover Letter Sample

As 439,300 new nursing careers are added to the job market between now and 2024, your cover letter should help you land an interview – not hurt you. It should be a valuable tool that increases your chances of employment. But is it?

Many companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort and screen resumes, so using a writing service that specializes in healthcare cover letters, like TopResume, can ensure that your application gets through those systems with ease – and doesn’t get tossed aside.

Cover Letter Sample

Nursing Cover Letter Flaws to Fix

If you’re applying to jobs that require a healthcare cover letter, it’s important to ditch the errors that could ruin your chances. Such mistakes include:

  • It lists references.
    A cover letter is not the best place for a list of references. Save this list for a separate document that can be given to the recruiter or hiring manager at the end of the interview process.
  • It puts the reader to sleep.
    What's the purpose of having a healthcare cover letter if all it does is bore the reader? Don't make this impression. Keep the cover letter writing light, to-the-point and informative so it keeps the hiring manager interested all the way through.
  • It’s clearly a template.
    As the hiring manager sifts through tens, sometimes hundreds of applications, you don't want yours to have the exact wording and structure as five others. Your nursing cover letter should follow a structured format, but the material within should be unique to yourself and what you can offer a healthcare facility.
  • It has typos and/or grammatical errors.
    A good way to get a hiring manager to toss your cover letter in the trash is to forget about proofreading. If it's riddled with errors, it comes across as unprofessional. It also shows you didn't care enough to check for mistakes before submitting your job application.

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